Sep/25/2015  20mCW was so much piled-up . Please listen to the signal of DX station , carefully !  

Untill today , I had been operating CW for 5days . I am not a good operator , but I was so saticefied with good manners of stations .  They  understood well that  I am not a good-skilled operartor ( slow keying and making mis-cording ). 

But today's calling from some stations were not good . 

When I was listening to the target station's return signal , many stations were still calling .  Why ?  I can not hear anything .

Whole of the time , operator have to hear very loud-sounded signals and noises .

Please consider well about these hard situation . These un-expected callings were continued so long yesterday's night ,  I was a little angry .

 I think , the better way is to be quiet when the DX station is listening to the target station's answer (He needs to catch signal report and confirming target station's call-sign). Please listen carefully , and please stop signals when DX operator starts his signals . 


Today , I could not have a nap at noon , so I was not patient . It was my failure .

And also , I apologiize my poor operation .


PS: I received some advice  , and , I underestood that there were many callings on just my transmitting frequency !   I  need to anounce my expecting frequensy of hearing as many as possible . It was my mistake . 

Also , I need to have more trainings of hearing CW signals .  



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    VE8EV (土曜日, 26 9月 2015 05:46)

    Many also calling on your transmit frequency and signals still very weak. Your operation is not at fault! I hope our QSO agrees with the logs. Please enjoy your last day in Cocos.
    John VE8EV

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    ja0jhq/vk9c (土曜日, 26 9月 2015 11:42)

    Dear John san VE8EV ,
    Thank you for your warm-hearted mail . I understood that there were calling signals on my transmitting frequency ! I understood the reason why .
    I had better make anouncement of ' 1 up ' as many times as possible .
    From next operation , I am trying .
    And , thank you for our QSO ! I am so happy .

QRV Info.

 JUL/23-27  planning
 JUN/14-18  3W9NH
 MAR/21-26  V73NC
 FEB/21-24  JD1BOW
 JAN/27-31  T88PB
 NOV/28  OA no QRV
 SEP/01-05  E51JHQ
 JUL/26-30  S79NH
 JUL/7-11  M#/JA0JHQ
 JUN/16-19  AH0CO/KL7
 MAY/26-29  EI4VYB
 APR/23-30  JD1BOW
 APR/07-09  AH0CO/KH6
 MAR/20-21  EA9/JA0JHQ
 FEB/10-12  9H3NH
 NOV/24-28  A52NH
 OCT/14-17  CE0Y/JA0JHQ


 SEP/01-04  JT5NH
 JUL/28-AUG/1  JA0JHQ/6
 JUN/16-19  9N7NH
 MAY/04-10  E6AC
 APR/08-10  HL4ZHC
 MAR/17-21  A52NH
 FEB/13-22  JD1BOW
 OCT/10-13  JA0JHQ/VK5
 SEP/19-26  JA0JHQ/VK9C
 SEP/03-07  YJ0NH
 JUL/18-21  JA0JHQ/TF
 JUN/19-21  JD1BOW
 MAY/07-11  JA0JHQ/VK9X
 MAR/28-30  JD1BOW
 MAR/12-16  A35JR
 JAN/31-FEB/01  ZL7/JA0JHQ
 JAN/09-12  AH0CO/KH8
 DEC/19-21  JA0JHQ/VK9N
 NOV/21-24  FK/JA0JHQ
 NOV/01-04  JD1BOW
 OCT/11-14  JD1BOW
 OCT/03-05  V63XP
 SEP/12-16  AH0CO
 SEP/05-08  T88PB
 AUG/10-12  JA0JHQ/VK9L
 JUL/20-22  9M6/JA0JHQ
 MAY/23-25  AH0CO/KH2
 MAR/26-30  9M6/J0JHQ
 FEB/28-MAR/02  AH0CO/KH2
 FEB/01-02  AH0CO/KH2
 OCT/25-27  KH0/JA0JHQ
 SEP/05-07  T88ZD