07-11/May/2015  JA0JHQ/VK9X from Christmas Island  1591 QSOs.


Total 1591 QSOs  

  7MHZ CW =   3 QSOs

10MHZ CW = 80 QSOs

14Mhz CW =    2 QSOs

18Mhz CW = 271 QSOs    SSB = 220 QSOs

21MHZ CW =226 QSOs    SSB = 208 QSOs

24Mhz CW = 365 QSOs    SSB =     6 QSOs

28Mhz CW = 210 QSOs


[Picture]  CAPTAINS LOOKOUT (Operation Place )  in Christmas Island GAZE Street

[Antenna] Single Delta Loop for 14/18/21/24/28 Mhz

                 End feed (LW) 2~2.5mH  for 7Mhz , 10 Mhz

[Comment]  Thanks for all Station's co-operation in CW time !

                     I am not good at CW yet . Slow operation , making mistakes of coding

                     call-signs . So sorry .

                     I tried antenna direction to South Ameria . But could not hear signals .  

[Internet]  There was no Wi-Fi . I could not see Internet at the accomodation . 

QRV Info.

 JUL/23-27  planning
 JUN/14-18  planning
 MAY/30-JUN/02  planning
 MAY/29-JUN/03  planning
 MAR/21-26  V73NC
 FEB/21-24  JD1BOW
 JAN/27-31  T88PB
 NOV/28  OA no QRV
 SEP/01-05  E51JHQ
 JUL/26-30  S79NH
 JUL/7-11  M#/JA0JHQ
 JUN/16-19  AH0CO/KL7
 MAY/26-29  EI4VYB
 APR/23-30  JD1BOW
 APR/07-09  AH0CO/KH6
 MAR/20-21  EA9/JA0JHQ
 FEB/10-12  9H3NH
 NOV/24-28  A52NH
 OCT/14-17  CE0Y/JA0JHQ


 SEP/01-04  JT5NH
 JUL/28-AUG/1  JA0JHQ/6
 JUN/16-19  9N7NH
 MAY/04-10  E6AC
 APR/08-10  HL4ZHC
 MAR/17-21  A52NH
 FEB/13-22  JD1BOW
 OCT/10-13  JA0JHQ/VK5
 SEP/19-26  JA0JHQ/VK9C
 SEP/03-07  YJ0NH
 JUL/18-21  JA0JHQ/TF
 JUN/19-21  JD1BOW
 MAY/07-11  JA0JHQ/VK9X
 MAR/28-30  JD1BOW
 MAR/12-16  A35JR
 JAN/31-FEB/01  ZL7/JA0JHQ
 JAN/09-12  AH0CO/KH8
 DEC/19-21  JA0JHQ/VK9N
 NOV/21-24  FK/JA0JHQ
 NOV/01-04  JD1BOW
 OCT/11-14  JD1BOW
 OCT/03-05  V63XP
 SEP/12-16  AH0CO
 SEP/05-08  T88PB
 AUG/10-12  JA0JHQ/VK9L
 JUL/20-22  9M6/JA0JHQ
 MAY/23-25  AH0CO/KH2
 MAR/26-30  9M6/J0JHQ
 FEB/28-MAR/02  AH0CO/KH2
 FEB/01-02  AH0CO/KH2
 OCT/25-27  KH0/JA0JHQ
 SEP/05-07  T88ZD